brainbows - the information company

brainbows wants to make things easier, better and more fun. This ambition combined with our special ingredients of “knowledge and relationships” led to our name as well as our positioning: brainbows – the information company.

brainbows strives to build mental bridges, bridges spanning to create affinity between service providers and well-informed users, between companies and their stakeholders. “brainbows – the information company” is the bridge between the acquisition of knowledge and the delight in learning, between socio-political commitment, customer-oriented service and financial success.

Only the good-humoured inspire

Our excellently co-ordinated team can be blamed for our never-ending good humour at work. A team that makes decisions in an enthusiastic, uncompromising and democratic way. A team that builds on its extensive network of contacts in its decision-making process.

brainbows is a network of relationships that is used to react to changes swiftly and thoughtfully.