Why sustainability?

Terms like “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” and “sustainability” have flourished in recent years. An ever growing number of enterprises integrate sustainability aspects into their corporate philosophy and develop very individual CSR strategies. States and provinces have also drawn up sustainability guidelines.

Trend to transparency

For many enterprises it has become a matter of course to publish their own sustainability reports along with their year-end results to document their ecological and social performance. Increasingly, rating agencies have started to review an enterprise’s sustainability measures, so as to be able to assess the future success of the enterprise.

The three dimensions of sustainability

When companies and institutions address sustainability, they have to take three dimensions - ecological, social and economic - into consideration. Ideally, these three dimensions complement and support each other. In other words, sustainability is not understood as a contradiction to entrepreneurship, profit and progress. It is rather seen as a comprehensive strategy that enables a company’s long-term success through a reasonable and judicious use of resources.

Sustainability – a continuous process

To us, sustainability is a holistic approach. It is a continuous process and never a fixed state! With sustainable corporate strategies we strive to develop business models that are successful in the long term and meet the varying expectations of stakeholders. When implementing sustainability indicators, we follow the internationally recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

What we offer

  • We develop sustainability management systems;
    we develop sustainability strategies.
  • We write sustainability reports.
  • We develop sustainability plans and projects.
  • We develop models and corporate codices.
  • We give counselling and support to integrate stakeholders.
  • We formulate communication strategies for sustainability aspects.