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philip dobner, system administration

corinna gangl, office management

sandra gottschall, project management & research

isabelle kober, communications

susanne kozlowski, management assistant

monika langthaler, managing partner

kerstin mayer, management assistant

christian nohel, managing partner

maria ramadori, project management & research

christoph resch, head of energy and climate protection

markus schneidergruber, consulting & research

alexander schröck, head of events & stakeholder communication

martin weishäupl, managing director

System administration

Philip Dobner

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1983. Higher Technical Institute for Data Processing and Organisation, followed by civilian service at Global 2000.

2001 to date: System Administrator at brainbows

2003 - 2005 System Administrator at Bio Ernte Austria

2005 - 2008 Technical Director at McSHARK Multimedia AG

2007 to date: Manager of DAS NETZBÜRO e.U.

Office management

Corinna Gangl

Born in Mistelbach, Austria in 1990

2009: A-level at the Commercial College in Hollabrunn

2009 to date: Office management at brainbows

Project management & research

Sandra Gottschall, Msc

Born 1985 in Neuburg an der Donau (Germany)

2005 to 2009 Bachelor of Management of Environmental and Bio Resources at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna

2009 to 2011: Individual Master of Sustainable Management of Energy and Bio Resources

2011-2012 project assistant in research area Ecodesign at TU Vienna

Professional experience in Life Cycle Assessment, renewable energy and sustainable business consultancy.

June 2012 to date: project management & research at brainbows for energy and climate protection

Project management & research

Lukas Kienzl

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1984. Studies in theoretical physics at the University of Vienna as well as a degree in „Management & Entrepreneurship“ (Bachelor's degree program) from the FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW.

Since 2015 studies in „Innovation and Technology Management“ (Master's degree program) at the UAS Technikum Vienna.

2011 to date: Project management and research at brainbows in the areas of energy and climate protection.


Isabelle Kober, MA

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1977. Studied journalism and communication sciences combined with history and art history at the University of Vienna.

1996 – 2007: Journalist for various media

2007 to date: Editorial staff with focus on sustainability and communication at brainbows

Management Assistant

Susanne Kozlowski, LLD

Born in St. Pölten, Austria in 1959. Studied law.

1984 – 1991: Head of the central information service of Statistics Austria

1991 – 1997: Maternity leave, two daughters, yoga trainer education

1997 – 2010: Administrative organisation of a general practitioner’s surgery, “family management” and yoga trainer

June 2010 to date: Assistant to the management at brainbows (maternity leave cover)

Managing Partner

Monika Langthaler, MSc

Born in Wilhelmsburg, Austria in 1965. College for Technical Chemistry in Vienna. Scientific staff member at the “Österreichisches Ökologie-Institut” (Austrian Institute of Ecology).

1990 – 1999: Member of the Austrian National Council, spokeswomen for the Green Party for environmental, energy and telecommunication issues.

1998/1999: Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

1999: Master of Science in Environmental Management (MSc) at the University of London.

Numerous publications in the area of waste management, chemical policy, guidelines for strategic environmental assessments, environmental economics and citizen participation.

Founder and Managing Partner of brainbows, responsible for marketing, public relations and human ressources.

Management Assistant

Kerstin Mayer, MA

Born in Tulln, Austria in 1980. Studied journalism and communication sciences as well as German philology at the University of Vienna.

2000 – 2003: Office management at the Vienna film academy

2003 to date: Assistant to the management and event organisation at brainbows

Managing Partner

Christian Nohel, MComm

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1961. Master of Commercial Science at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

1990 – 2000: Expert for consumer protection, foodstuffs and environment in the Parliamentary Club of the Green Party

1995: Founder and Member of the Managing Board of “CULINAR — Institut für Ernährungskultur und Lebensmittelwirtschaft” (Institute for Food Culture and Food Management)

Several publications concerning consumer protection, environment and food policy, genetic engineering, ecological taxing as well as employment effects of environmental technologies.

Founder and Managing Partner of brainbows, responsible for content and finances.

Project management & research

Maria Ramadori, MSc

Born in Meran, Italy in 1966. Master of Physics at the University of Vienna

2001 – 2004: Optical designer at Creative Display Solution Philips AG

2004 – 2006: Co-founder and Project Manager, Phemos Consulting GmbH

2005 – 2008: Member of the PROVISO project, research monitoring of the Austrian Federal Ministries

2006 – 2008: Assistant at the European ERA-NET’s FENCO project on highly efficient and low-emission fossil fuel systems

2008 to date: Project management and research for energy issues at brainbows

Head of Energy & Climate Protection

Christoph Resch, D.Tech

Born in St. Pölten, Austria in 1977. Studied cultural technology and water management and doctor’s degree at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). For 5 years scientific staff member and project manager for environmental biotechnology and renewable energy sources at the IFA-Tulln research institute. Publications in international journals and congresses. Completed teacher and consultant training.

2007: Technical staff member for energies of the future at the Austrian Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (Research Promotion Agency, FFG)

2008 to date: Project management and research at brainbows for energy and climate protection

Consulting & research

Markus Schneidergruber, MSc

Born in Villach, Austria in 1968. Studied ecology at the University of Vienna

1997 – 2002: Programme and Campaign Manager of the WWF Austria

2002 to date: Self-employed management consultant

2003 – 2004: Expert for environmental issues in the Parliamentary Club of the Green Party

2004: Master of Science in Environmental Management at Umwelt Management Austria

2005 – 2006: Senior Consultant at Denkstatt Umweltberatung (Environmental Consulting)

April 2008 to date: Consultant at brainbows for the areas of environment, sustainability and climate protection

Head of Events & Stakeholder Communication

Alexander Schröck, MA

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1965. Studied history and political sciences.

1986 – 1993: Freelancing for Fessel-GfK Institut für Markt- und Meinungsforschung (market research firm)

1991 – 1996: Several research trips to the USA and Canada

1996 – 1997: Scientific member of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society

1997 – 2002: Scientific member of the Bruno Kreisky Archives Foundation

2001 – 2004: University lecturer at the University of Vienna. Management and co-ordination of several research projects and company investigations. Management consulting projects, amongst others, concerning Austrian politics since 1945

2003 to date: brainbows

Managing Director

Martin Weishäupl, MA

Born in Bregenz, Austria in 1971. Vocational Education and Training College for Management and Service Industry, College for Technical Chemistry, studied political sciences.

Many years of practical experience with environment and sustainability projects, amongst others, at Global 2000 (1991-1996), the Green Party Club’s expert for environmental issues in Vienna’s Town Hall (1997-2003) and as a freelancing management consultant (2002-2003).

2003 to date: brainbows; since 2011 he is managing director of brainbows, responsible for project management and technology.